Some Pike Fishing Advice

If have fond memories of fishing along with your parents and relatives in Ontario for trophy northern pike annually, you happen to be definitely not alone. Tens of thousands of people away from Ontario look at the Canadian province each year for your sole intent behind chasing a trophy northern pike. Canada pike fishing is popular because it's among the best in the world.

There are a couple of different ways for fishing for pike in Canada, but one of the most useful tips now you may give or get is usually to ask locals for the purpose is most effective. Some people are surprised by this, but different lakes sometimes have different strategies that actually work best based on how intelligent the pike are and what forms of lures and fishing techniques they have got seen before.

Many large lakes in Canada have large pike who like to hit fast moving lures. For this reason, trolling with crank baits is a fantastic strategy that may act on most lakes. If you really need to disregard the smaller fish and take your shot in the trophy sized pike, then examine trolling with a magnum rapala, as these lures are big enough that generally exactly the bigger fish will require their shot at them.

Probably one of many least effective means of fishing for giant pike will be the old bobber and worm, or the simple jig set up. While work well for walleye, they're not good create for finding and catching a trophy Canadian pike.

So to recap, the best tips for fishing for anyone northern pike in Canada:

Go with bigger lures

Go with lures designed to use plenty of movement and noise

Avoid jigs

Use walleye scent in lakes that have both - this will make your lure very irresistible to predatory northern pike

*Never be worried must locals for advice on the most effective spots.

Follow a number of these tips, and will also be more prone to you could make your Canadian Fishing trip a hit.